Upcoming Trip

Infantry History trip to WWI Museum of Battle of Vittorio Veneto, 6 April 2018 — there may be folks passing through Europe or willing to join; there’s always some academic (mil or civ) from NESA, ACSS, NDU, that are welcome to join.

Spring 2018 Events — Assessing Strategy Through Time. Fall was run by the History, Heritage, Culture committee - Operation Torch 75th Anniversary. Spring was planned by the Strategy committee.

Past Event. Visiting Strategist - 3/27 - might be useful to spark ideas.

Trifold Brochure: “Representing the U.S. Army”.


Mission Statement: 

 The Hannibal Barca-Scipio Africanus Major ASA Chapter is a community of Army Strategists, Foreign Affairs Professionals, and other interested professionals in Italy who are interested in professional growth, advancement of strategic practice, and building comradery.


GOALS FOR 2017-2018:


  • Create a  forum for professional and career development
  • Host exclusive and unique events and keynote speakers
  • Encourage networking, mentorship,  comradery
  • Provide unique insights into the practice of strategy and international relations
  • Co-sponsor professional development workshops and seminars with local units and organizations